Writing and Awards


ABOVE THE SMOG (Unpublished):



is ripped from

her harsh, smog-

covered world only

to find a larger, more

brutal one. One where her

people from the valleys are

thrust into mineral mines for

powerful nobles residing inside

walled-in, mountain-top keeps.

Where resources trickle down the

rough mountain faces, leaving only the

leftovers for those below the smog. And

where, as a carrier of a disease infectious to

the nobles, she is used as a weapon by the king

to destroy his enemies. But as Analiv struggles to

adjust to this larger, more vicious world, she discovers the top-down order

of power can be flipped – but only if she can find the strength inside herself to do it.

RIPPLE (Unpublished):
For Tessa, life is no ride down Joy Lane. Her step-dad gets wasted constantly. Her mother becomes deaf, blind, and mute every time it happens. And her real father talks to the guy who starches his shirts a hundred times more than he talks to her. Her dads and all their lameness have left her feeling empty and depressed. So when guys in high school start to notice her, Tessa discovers a way of getting a quick shot of power and affection. And all it costs is some kissing … or more. But can Tessa control how far she goes as her life at school and at home spin out of control?

Cassandra Gillette proclaims herself a “fashionistadivatotheNthdegree” to anyone who will listen. While her entrepreneurial-minded, genius brother, Wilson, reigns supreme in the eyes of her parents at home, Cassandra claims school as the territory where she is the Way-Envied Social Queen. However, when Cassandra sets her eye on a very expensive dress for the upcoming End-of-the-year Eighth Grade Dance at Jenkins Mid, reality gets the upper hand as she repeatedly tries and fails, with hilarious results, to make the money for the designer garb. Along her roller coaster of highs and lows, Cassandra learns some very valuable lessons about humility, perseverance, and which relationships really count.

Magazine Pieces:
"Mrs. McRitter's Cricket" - Short Story in SPIDER magazine
"Letter Fantasies and Mailman Dreams" - Article in ONCE UPON A TIME
"Worm Charming" - Nonfiction in SPIDER magazine
"Crosswire Bend" -- Young Adult Reader's Network online journal

Work-For-Hire Projects:

Cover art by Andrea Kowch

Cover art by Janet Angeli Sandow

1st Place in the Children's/YA Division of the 2011 WRITER'S DIGEST ANNUAL COMPETITION for a middle grade short story
1st Place in the 2011 HUNGER MOUNTAIN Katherine Paterson Prize for "Him," a YA short story in verse
5th Place in the Children's/YA Division of the 2007 WRITER'S DIGEST ANNUAL COMPETITION for a middle grade short story